James Rodger

ID No.503, ( - before 28 March 1970)
Marriage*28 Jan 1921 James Rodger married Christina Raeburn White in Leven, Fife, Scotland.1,2 
Occupation27 Jul 1921 James Rodger was an electric switchboard attendant.1  
Residence*27 Jul 1921 James Rodger, Christina Raeburn White and Margaret Raeburn Ednie Rodger lived at 8 Perth Street, Leven, Fife, Scotland.1 
Occupation* James Rodger was a telephone installer on the railway.2  
Birth Reg
29 Jul 1921 He registered the birth of Margaret Raeburn Ednie Rodger, his daughter, in Leven.1 
Death*b 28 Mar 1970 James Rodger died.2 


Christina Raeburn White
Last Edited26 May 2020


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