The first link on this page will take you to a UK-wide map showing the locations of cemeteries, crematoria and other locations which we have visited in our research. Please browse to find locations of interest.

The lists below that are of the places where relatives are buried, ashes were scattered, or memorials placed (the ones we've found so far!). Clicking on the link will open a localised map of the area around the location.

If you click on a mapping pin (depending on your browser software, you may need to right-click, or just hover your cursor over it), you will see a note of people either known to be buried there, or named "in memoriam". The fact of a name on a stone does not necessarily mean they are in the ground, nor is a person in the plot necessarily named on the stone. This is a work in progress and will be updated as we get new information.

To view a photo of a stone or memorial, or a transcript of the inscription, please see the Place Index pages.

All maps are powered by GoogleMaps©. The default setting gives a localised view of the location. Please use the 'zoom' and 'pan' controls to adjust your view (right down to individual graves in some cases).

Map showing graveyards, crematoria and memorials

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Outside UK

The following locations outside the UK have also been pinpointed.