Person Pages

Each person within the project has their own "Person Page". This gives a résumé of the main events in their life.

Each page starts with the person's name and their ID number within the project (this is an arbitrary number and does not follow any standard protocol). There will also be icons to show if they are on a direct line, male or female, and alive or dead (please see help page on icons for more information). Next follows a "passport photo" if available, followed by a note of their parents. The "Pedigree" button underneath this will show a mini-chart of ancestors for two generations. There then follows a list of the charts on which the individual appears.

The main part of the page shows the recorded events in which this person was involved. The first column gives the "Event Tag" (what happened) and whether they were a principal or a witness. The second column gives the date, and the final column the details of the event. The small red number is the citation reference (see the bottom of the page to find out what proves this event took place). A or shows that an exhibit is available - click to view.

The next section is a list of wives/marital partners and the children from each union. Note that where people have been excluded from the site (eg living people on the internet site), the list of children may be incomplete.

The final section is a list of citations. For more information on this, please see the help page on exhibits etc.

Unless you have personalised your browser (usually for accessability reasons), hyperlinks will show as blue underlined (purple underlined after the page has been visited). Clicking on a person's name in the events section will take you to that person's "Person Page". Clicking on a place will bring up more information about that place (see also help page on places).