Margaret Hope Martin

ID No.98, (24 February 1923 - 23 September 2010)
Peg Martin
Father*Andrew McNicoll Martin1 b. 12 Jul 1890, d. 28 Mar 1964
Mother*Maggie Helen Stewart2 b. c 1886, d. 11 Sep 1958
Relationship1st cousin 1 time removed of Patricia Elizabeth Chalmers
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Descendent Chart for Peter Martin
Descendent Chart for James McNicoll
Nickname Margaret Hope Martin was usually known as Peg.2 
Birth*24 Feb 1923 She was born in Leven, Fife, Scotland.3,4 
Occupationb 1939 She was employed at the Labour Exchange Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.2 
OccupationWW2 She was in the ATS as a driver Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland.2 
Occupationa 1945 Margaret returned to the Labour Exchange in Kirkcaldy, then in Ayr.2 
17 Oct 1951 She attended the marriage of Frederick John Bolding and Elizabeth Martin Rattray in St David's Parish Church, Lower Largo, Fife, Scotland.5,6
Residence17 Oct 1951 Margaret Hope Martin lived at 14 Haughgate Avenue, Leven, Fife, Scotland.5 
Education* She studied at Glasgow University, Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland.2 
Occupation*c 1960 She was Librarian to Legal and Theology departments Glasgow University, Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland.2 
28 Mar 1964 She was present at the death of Andrew McNicoll Martin in 14 Haughgate Avenue, Leven, Fife, Scotland.1,7 
Death Reg
30 Mar 1964 She registered the death of her father, Andrew McNicoll Martin, in Leven.1 
Residence*30 Mar 1964 Margaret Hope Martin lived at 8 Kirklea Quadrant, Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland.1 
Retirement*1983 She retired.2 
Death*23 Sep 2010 She died at Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland, aged 87.4,2 
Cremation*4 Oct 2010 She was cremated at Clydebank Crematorium, Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland.4,2 
Ashes7 Oct 2010 The ashes of Margaret Hope Martin were scattered in Sect.27, Plot 121 at Scoonie Cemetery, Leven, Fife, Scotland, at her parents' grave.2,4
Memorial A gravestone to the memory of Margaret Hope Martin is located Sect.27, Plot 121, Scoonie Cemetery, Leven, Fife, Scotland.8 
Last Edited17 Feb 2018


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