David George Martin

ID No.86, (24 March 1923 - 24 August 1997)
Father*David George McNicoll Martin1,2,3 b. 23 Mar 1895, d. 30 Mar 1980
Mother*Isabella Herald Lamb Hilton1,2 b. 21 Jul 1898, d. 23 Nov 1980
Relationship1st cousin 1 time removed of Patricia Elizabeth Chalmers
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Descendent Chart for Peter Martin
Descendent Chart for James McNicoll
Birth*24 Mar 1923 David George Martin was born in East Halton, Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland.1,2,4 
24 Mar 1923 David George McNicoll Martin, Isabella Herald Lamb Hilton and David George Martin lived at East Halton, Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland.1 
Birth Reg13 Apr 1923 His birth was registered in Rattray by his father, David George McNicoll Martin.1 
Residence25 Sep 1948 David George Martin lived at Gellyburn, Murthly, Perthshire, Scotland.2 
Occupation25 Sep 1948 He was a dairyman.2 
Marriage*25 Sep 1948 He married Annie Charlotte Duncan, daughter of James Niven Duncan and Isabella Duncan Prewer, in Aldchappie Hotel, Kirkmichael, Perthshire, Scotland.2,5,6,7,8,9,10 
Occupation7 Jul 1949 David George Martin was a dairyman.5 
Occupation4 Aug 1950 He was a cattleman.6 
Occupation2 Jun 1953 He was a byreman.7 
Occupation*8 May 1961 He was a farm worker (byre-man).8 
Occupation1 Jul 1965 He was a byre-man.9 
Occupation4 Jul 1965 He was a byreman.10 
Birth Reg
5 Jul 1965 He registered the birth of his son, David George, in Perth.9 
Death Reg
12 Jul 1965 He registered the death of his son, David George Martin, in Auchterderran.10 
Residence*21 Jan 1974 David George Martin lived at 8 Whitehall Drive, Cardenden, Fife, Scotland.11 
Death Reg
21 Jan 1974 He registered the death of his aunt, Jane McNicoll Matthew, in Auchtermuchty.11 
Residence31 Mar 1980 David George Martin lived at 8 Whitehall Drive, Cardenden, Fife, Scotland.3 
Death Reg
31 Mar 1980 He registered the death of his father, David George McNicoll Martin, in Auchterderran.3 
2 Mar 1994 David George Martin became a widower on the death of his wife Annie.4 
Death*24 Aug 1997 David George Martin died, aged 74.4 
Memorial* A gravestone to the memory of David George Martin is located Sillerburn Cemetery, Kirkmichael, Perthshire, Scotland.4 


Annie Charlotte Duncan (21 Dec 1924 - 2 Mar 1994)
  • Isobel Martin5
  • Alison Martin12
  • Elizabeth Ann Martin6
  • Cora Christine Martin7
  • Mary Jeanette Martin8
  • David George Martin9,10 (1 Jul 1965 - 4 Jul 1965)
Last Edited11 May 2016


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