Alfred Collins

ID No.44, (21 February 1895 - 23 September 1981)
Alf Collins
Father*Alfred Collins1,2,3 b. 25 Apr 1865, d. 15 May 1938
Mother*Elizabeth White Mitchell1 b. c 1869, d. 20 Mar 1897
RelationshipGrandfather of Tony Collins
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Birth*21 Feb 1895 Alfred Collins was born in No 6, Chiswell, Portland, Dorset, England.1,4,2,5 
Birth Reg22 Feb 1895 His birth was registered by Alfred Collins, his father, in Portland.1 
Census 1901
31 Mar 1901 The 1901 UK Census enumerated Alfred Collins as being grandson of George Thomas Page Mitchell, Head of the household at No 9, Chesil, Portland, Dorset, England.4 
Occupation2 Apr 1911 Alfred Collins was an office-boy in dockyard.6  
Census 1911
2 Apr 1911 The 1911 UK Census enumerated Alfred Collins as being grandson of George Thomas Page Mitchell, Head of the household at 9 Beach Cottage, Chiswell, Portland, Dorset, England.6 
Occupation11 Apr 1917 Alfred Collins was a Lance Corporal with the Dorset Regiment.2  
Residence*11 Apr 1917 He lived at Devizes Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.2 
Marriage*11 Apr 1917 He married Bertha Latham, daughter of John Latham and Alice Ann Fare, in Parish Church, Prendergast, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, England. The marriage was solemnised by Rev Gwelyue Smith.2,7,8,9 
Occupation4 May 1922 Alfred Collins was a dockyard clerk.7  
Residence*4 May 1922 Alfred Collins, Bertha Latham and John Alfred Collins lived at 26 Castletown, Portland, Dorset, England.7 
Birth Reg
3 Jun 1922 He registered the birth of John Alfred Collins, his son, in Portland.7 
Death Reg
16 May 1938 He registered the death of Alfred Collins, his father, in Plymouth.3 
Residence16 May 1938 Alfred Collins lived at 295 Barnsole Road, Gillingham, Kent, England.3 
OccupationWW2 He was a stores Quartermaster with MOD Navy.
He is believed to have reached the rank of Lt/Cdr, with postings to Liverpool, then Warrington (1940.)10  
ResidenceWW2 He lived at 295 Barnsole Road, Gillingham, Kent, England.11 
OccupationWW2 He was appointed Leader of a local Fire Party.11  
Occupation*24 Aug 1946 He was a civil servant.12  
24 Aug 1946 He attended the marriage of John Alfred Collins and Ida Burrell in St John the Baptist Church, Colwyn, Denbigh, Wales.12,13,14,15,9
9 Jan 1974 Alfred Collins became a widower on the death of his wife Bertha.8 
Death*23 Sep 1981 Alfred Collins died at "Earlsmead", St Clare Road, Walmer, Deal, Kent, England, aged 86.5 
Death Reg24 Sep 1981 His death was registered by an unknown person in Dover.5 


Bertha Latham (9 Jul 1892 - 9 Jan 1974)
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