William Aitken

ID No.370, (26 September 1880 - )
Father*Thomas Aitken1,2,3 b. c 1837, d. 11 Sep 1914
Mother*Agnes Gregory Haig1,4 b. 23 Feb 1842, d. 27 Jul 1898
RelationshipGreat-granduncle of Patricia Elizabeth Chalmers
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Nickname William Aitken was usually known as Willy.5 
26 Sep 1880 Thomas Aitken, Agnes Gregory Haig and William Aitken lived at Duddingston Mills, Duddingston, Midlothian, Scotland.1 
Birth*26 Sep 1880 He was born in Duddingston Mills, Duddingston, Midlothian, Scotland.1,2,3 
Birth Reg4 Oct 1880 His birth was registered by Thomas Aitken, his father, in Duddingston.1 
Census 1881
3 Apr 1881 The 1881 UK Census enumerated William Aitken as being son of Thomas Aitken, Head of the household at Mill Cottage, Duddingston, Midlothian, Scotland.2 
Census 1891
5 Apr 1891 The 1891 UK Census enumerated William Aitken as being son of Thomas Aitken, Head of the household at 7 Mill Cottage, Duddingson Mills, Midlothian, Scotland.3 
Occupation5 Apr 1891 William Aitken was a scholar.3  
27 Jul 1898 He was present at the death ofAgnes Gregory Haig in West Mills, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.4 
Death Reg
28 Jul 1898 He registered the death of Agnes Gregory Aitken, his mother, in Kirkcaldy.4 
Marriage*29 Jan 1909 William Aitken married Agnes Thomson in Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland.6,7,8,9 
Occupation*3 Aug 1909 William Aitken was a house carpenter.6  
Birth Reg
3 Aug 1909 He registered the birth of Helen Thomson Aitken, his daughter, in Buckhaven.6 
Occupation4 Sep 1912 William Aitken was a carpenter.7  
Birth Reg
4 Sep 1912 He registered the birth of James Aitken, his son, in Buckhaven.7 
Occupation20 Jul 1914 William Aitken was a carpenter.8  
Birth Reg
20 Jul 1914 He registered the birth of Agnes Haig Aitken, his daughter, in Buckhaven.8 
Military*  William is believed to have served in the Royal Engineers during WW1.10 
Residence*30 Jun 1941 William Aitken lived at 18 Hutton Drive, Glasgow, Scotland.9 
Occupation30 Jun 1941 He was a joiner.9  
30 Jun 1941 He officially Witnessed the marriage of Ernest Black and Agnes Haig Aitken in Registry Office, Tradeston, Glasgow, Scotland.9,5 


Agnes Thomson ( - b Jun 1941)
Last Edited28 Nov 2022


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