William Mayer

ID No.348, (8 September 1870 - 27 February 1936)
Father*John Mayer1,2 d. b 1 Dec 1893
Mother*Margaret Gardner Scott1,3,2 b. c 1836, d. a 1 Dec 1893
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Birth*8 Sep 1870 William Mayer was born in Humes Cottages, Portobello, Midlothian, Scotland.1,3,2,4 
Birth Reg27 Sep 1870 His birth was registered by John Mayer, his father, in Portobello.1 
Occupation3 Apr 1881 William Mayer was a scholar.3  
Census 1881
3 Apr 1881 The 1881 UK Census enumerated William Mayer as being son of Margaret Gardner Mayer, Head of the household at 9 High Street, Humes Cottages, Duddingston, Midlothian, Scotland.3 
31 Dec 1890 William Mayer officially Witnessed the marriage of Joseph Arthur Beetles and Mary Jane Aitken in Duddingston Mills, Duddingston, Midlothian, Scotland.5,6 
Occupation1 Dec 1893 William Mayer was a corn merchant.2  
Residence*1 Dec 1893 He lived at 22 High Street, Portobello, Midlothian, Scotland.2 
Marriage*1 Dec 1893 He married Isabella Lynn Aitken, daughter of Thomas Aitken and Jane Muir, in 16 Glenorchy Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland. The marriage was solemnised by Rev. William Paterson.2,7,8,9,4,10,11,12,13,14,15 
Occupation8 Oct 1894 William Mayer was a corn merchant.7  
8 Oct 1894 He was present at the birth of John Mayer in Hope Park Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland.7,14,16 
Birth Reg
29 Oct 1894 He registered the birth of John Mayer, his son, in Edinburgh.7 
Occupation5 Nov 1896 William Mayer was an insurance agent.8  
Birth Reg
9 Nov 1896 He registered the birth of Thomas Aitken Mayer, his son, in Edinburgh.8 
Occupation*1 Jan 1899 William Mayer was an insurance agent.9  
Residence*1 Jan 1899 William Mayer, Isabella Lynn Aitken and Agnes Jane Mayer lived at West Mills, Kirkcaldy, Parish of Abbotshall, Fife, Scotland.9 
Birth Reg
21 Jan 1899 He registered the birth of Agnes Jane Mayer, his daughter, in Kirkcaldy.9 
Occupation26 May 1899 William Mayer was an insurance agent.14  
Death Reg
27 May 1899 He registered the death of John Mayer, his son, in Kirkcaldy.14 
Census 1901*31 Mar 1901 The 1901 UK Census enumerated William Mayer as Head of household at West Mills, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.4 
Occupation31 Mar 1901 He was an insurance agent.4  
Occupation5 May 1901 He was an insurance agent.10  
5 May 1901 He was present at the birth of Robert Scott Mayer in West Mills, Kirkcaldy, Parish of Abbotshall, Fife, Scotland.10 
Birth Reg
23 May 1901 He registered the birth of Robert Scott Mayer, his son, in Kirkcaldy.10 
11 Sep 1914 William Mayer was present at the death ofThomas Aitken in West Mills, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.17,16 
Death Reg
11 Sep 1914 He registered the death of Thomas Aitken, his father-in-law, in Kirkcaldy.17 
Occupation27 Mar 1924 William Mayer was an insurance agent.11  
Death*27 Feb 1936 He died, aged 65. He was survived by his wife, Isabella.12,16 
Memorial* A gravestone to the memory of William Mayer is located Bennochy Cemetery, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.16 


Isabella Lynn Aitken (13 Aug 1865 - 22 Apr 1951)
Last Edited30 Jan 2017


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