Elizabeth Thomson Anderson

#2844, (24 October 1889 - )
Father*James Anderson1,2 b. 1865, d. b 1966
Mother*Elizabeth Keddie1,2 b. 1861, d. b 1966
Birth*24 Oct 1889 Elizabeth Thomson Anderson was born at 13 Durie Street, Leven, Fife, Scotland.1,2 
Birth Reg13 Nov 1889 Her birth was registered by James Anderson, her father, in Leven.1 
18 Aug 1916 Elizabeth Thomson Anderson officially Witnessed the marriage of Francis Funkie Sharp and Joanna Keddie Anderson at Temperance Hotel, Station Road, Leven, Fife, Scotland.3,4,5,6 
Occupation*16 Dec 1918 Elizabeth Thomson Anderson was a flax mill worker.2  
Residence*16 Dec 1918 She lived at Durie Broom, Parish of Scoonie, Fife, Scotland.2 
Marriage*16 Dec 1918 She married John G. Penman, son of John George Penman and Eliza Gray, at Scoonie Manse, Leven, Fife, Scotland. The marriage was solemnised by Rev. Charles Durward.2 
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