Ida Burrell

ID No.27, (26 January 1923 - 15 November 1995)
Ida Collins
Father*Alfred Burrell1,2,3 b. 9 May 1889, d. 18 May 1956
Mother*Beatrice Schofield1,3 b. 23 May 1889, d. 1972
RelationshipMother of Tony Collins
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26 Jan 1923 Alfred Burrell, Beatrice Schofield and Ida Burrell lived at Parciau Cottage, Llaniliau Road, Colwyn Eirias, Old Colwyn, Denbigh, Wales.1 
Birth*26 Jan 1923 She was born in Parciau Cottage, Llaniliau Road, Colwyn Eirias, Old Colwyn, Denbigh, Wales.1,2,3 
Birth Reg21 Feb 1923 Her birth was registered in Colwyn Bay by her father, Alfred Burrell.1 
24 Nov 1945 Ida Burrell attended the marriage of Wallace Zellmer Spieth and Gladys Burrell in St John the Baptist Church, Colwyn, Denbigh, Wales.4 
Residence24 Aug 1946 Ida Burrell lived at 47 Kensington Avenue, Colwyn, Denbigh, Wales.2 
Marriage*24 Aug 1946 She married John Alfred Collins, son of Alfred Collins and Bertha Latham, in St John the Baptist Church, Colwyn, Denbigh, Wales.2,5,6,3,7
Residence*7 Apr 1955 John Alfred Collins and Ida Collins lived at 227 Woodlands Road, Gillingham, Kent, England.5 
27 Oct 1956 She moved to 50 Taverners Road, Rainham, Kent, England along with John Alfred Collins and an unknown person.8  
Dec 1968 John Alfred Collins, Ida Collins and Beatrice Burrell lived at 81 Sinclair Drive, Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland. The family moved to Scotland. Jack was involved in setting up the drawing office in new factory. Housing was sourced by employer.8 
c 1970 John Alfred Collins, Ida Collins and Beatrice Burrell lived at 5 Craigkennochie Terrace, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland. The family buy their first home in Scotland.8 
c 1976 Ida Collins lived with John Alfred Collins at 27 Bolam Drive, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland. The family moved house.8 
Residence*b 15 Nov 1995 Ida Collins lived at Appin House, Appin Crescent, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.3 
Death*15 Nov 1995 She died at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, aged 72. She was survived by her husband, John.3 
Death Reg16 Nov 1995 Her death was registered by her son, an unknown person , in Kirkcaldy.3 
Cremation* Ida Collins was cremated at Kirkcaldy Crematorium, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.8 
Ashes The ashes of Ida Collins were scattered in Sect.D of Kirkcaldy Crematorium, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland by Crematorium staff in accordance with their policy. No memorial marker was placed.8 


John Alfred Collins (4 May 1922 - 25 Jan 2006)
  • Tony Collins5,6
  • Russell Collins3,8
Last Edited17 Feb 2018


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