Thomas Burrell

ID No.23, (circa 1850 - 13 November 1919)
Father*Edward Burrell1,2 b. 13 Jun 1816, d. 6 Aug 1886
Mother*Ann S Markland3 b. 4 Jul 1816, d. 15 May 1893
RelationshipGreat-grandfather of Tony Collins
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Birth*c 1850 Thomas Burrell was born in Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire, England.1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 
Census 1851
30 Mar 1851 The 1851 UK Census enumerated a Thomas Burrell as being son of Edward Burrell, Head of the household at Gidlow Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, England. If 1851 Census age is correct, this is not the right Thomas (ie this Thomas was born after the Census, and another Thomas aged 5 died just before this Thomas was born). The alternative is an error by the enumerator, possibly it should read 5 months.11 
Occupation7 Apr 1861 Thomas Burrell was a breaker-off in cotton mill.1  
Census 1861
7 Apr 1861 The 1861 UK Census enumerated Thomas Burrell as being son of Edward Burrell, Head of the household at 29 Rupert Street, Habergham Eaves, Burnley, Lancashire, England.1 
Occupation12 Nov 1870 Thomas Burrell was a shipper and grinder.2  
Marriage*12 Nov 1870 He married Rosannah Thornber, daughter of Margaret Thornber, in St James' Parish Church, Burnley, Lancashire, England. The marriage was solemnised by Rev. Hugh Stanier.2,4,5,12,7,6,8,13 
Occupation2 Apr 1871 Thomas Burrell was a shipper and grinder.4  
Census 1871*2 Apr 1871 The 1871 UK Census enumerated Thomas Burrell as Head of household at 14 Helina Street, Burnley, Lancashire, England.4 
Census 1881*3 Apr 1881 The 1881 UK Census enumerated Thomas Burrell as Head of household.5 
Occupation3 Apr 1881 He was an under carder in a cotton mill.5  
Occupation9 May 1889 He was an overlooker in a cotton mill.12  
Residence*9 May 1889 Thomas Burrell and Rosanna Thornber lived at 10 Cross Street, Brierfield, Marsden, Lancashire, England.12 
Birth Reg
14 Jun 1889 He registered the birth of Alfred Burrell, his son, in Burnley.12 
Occupation5 Apr 1891 Thomas Burrell was a card room overlooker.7  
Census 1891*5 Apr 1891 The 1891 UK Census enumerated Thomas Burrell as Head of household.14 
Occupation*31 Mar 1901 He was a cotton card master.6  
Census 1901*31 Mar 1901 The 1901 UK Census enumerated Thomas Burrell as Head of household at 35 Boundary Street, Colne, Lancashire, England.6 
Occupation2 Apr 1911 He was a retired card master in a cotton mill.8  
Census 1911*2 Apr 1911 The 1911 UK Census enumerated Thomas Burrell as Head of household at 4 Exchange Street, Colne, Lancashire, England. The dwelling was recorded as having 6 rooms.8 
Num Child* The 1911 UK Census recorded that 12 children had been born to Thomas and Rosanna by that date, and that 3 of them were already deceased. Candidates for the deceased include Edward Burrell, William Burrell and 01 Burrell.8 
27 Apr 1913 Thomas Burrell became a widower on the death of his wife Rosanna.13,10,15,3 
Occupation28 Apr 1913 Thomas Burrell was former Cotton Carder's Overlooker.13  
Occupation22 Apr 1916 He was a cardmaster.16  
Death*13 Nov 1919 He died at Nelson, Lancashire, England. Cause of death was recorded as "Pneumonia / Cardiac Failure".9,10,3 
Death Reg14 Nov 1919 His death was registered by Alfred Burrell, his son, in Nelson.9 
Memorial* A gravestone to the memory of Thomas Burrell is located Colne Cemetery, Colne, Lancashire, England.10 


Rosanna Thornber (19 May 1850 - 27 Apr 1913)
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