Penelope Mitchell Wright

ID No.209, (17 June 1944 - 26 August 2006)
Father*Victor Kenneth Wright1,2 b. 20 Apr 1915, d. 29 Mar 1999
Mother*Gwendoline Grace Latham Collins1,2 b. 11 Aug 1918, d. 6 Oct 1998
Relationship1st cousin of Tony Collins
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Descendent Chart for Richard Collins
Descendent Chart for George Mitchell
Descendent Chart for Cuthbert Fare
Nickname Penelope Mitchell Wright was usually known as Penny.1 
Birth*17 Jun 1944 She was born in Tonbridge, Kent, England.3,2 
Marriage*1965 She married Robert Raymond Fawcett in Chatham, Kent, England.3,1,2 
Death*26 Aug 2006 Penelope Mitchell Wright died, aged 62.2 
Burial*7 Sep 2006 She was buried in St Mary's Churchyard, Westerham, Kent, England.4 
Memorial* A seat dedicated to the memory of Penny and Fergy Fawcett is located the Long Pond, Westerham, Kent, England.5 
Memorial A gravestone to the memory of Penelope Mitchell Wright is located St Mary's Churchyard, Westerham, Kent, England.6 
Last Edited6 May 2020


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