Thomas Rattray

ID No.120, (19 August 1891 - 1 April 1970)
Thomas Rattray
Father*Thomas Rattray1,2,3 d. b 18 Jul 1919
Mother*Annie Grieve1,2,3 d. a 18 Jul 1919
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Birth*19 Aug 1891 Thomas Rattray was born in Methilhill, Parish of Wemyss, Fife, Scotland.1,2,3,4 
19 Aug 1891 Thomas Rattray, Annie Grieve and Thomas Rattray lived at Methilhill, Parish of Wemyss, Fife, Scotland.1 
Birth Reg5 Sep 1891 His birth was registered in Buckhaven by his father, Thomas Rattray.1 
6 Jun 1919 Thomas Rattray attended the marriage of Robert Matthew and Jane McNicoll Martin in Church Cottage, Old Rattray, Parish of Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland.5,6,7,8 
Occupation*18 Jul 1919 Thomas Rattray was a coal miner.2 
Residence*18 Jul 1919 He lived at Windygates, Milton of Balgonie, Fife, Scotland.2 
Marriage*18 Jul 1919 He married Margaret McNicoll Martin, daughter of John Martin and Elizabeth Swanson McNicoll, in Church Cottage, Old Rattray, Parish of Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland. The marriage was solemnised by Rev. Alexander MacRae.2,9,10,3,4 
19 Oct 1946 Thomas Rattray became a widower on the death of his wife Margaret, at which he was present.9,4 
Occupation19 Oct 1946 Thomas Rattray was a builder's yardsman.9 
Death Reg
19 Oct 1946 He registered the death of his wife, Margaret McNicoll Rattray, in Windygates.9 
Occupation17 Oct 1951 Thomas Rattray was a grocer.10 
Occupationb 1970 He was a general merchant.3 
Death*1 Apr 1970 He died at 118 Wellesley Road, Methil, Fife, Scotland, aged 78.3,4 
Death Reg3 Apr 1970 His death was registered by his son-in-law, David FJ Loftus, in Buckhaven.3 
Memorial* A gravestone to the memory of Thomas Rattray is located Methilmill Cemetery, Methilhill, Parish of Wemyss, Fife, Scotland.4 


Margaret McNicoll Martin (13 Jun 1892 - 19 Oct 1946)
Last Edited12 Jan 2017


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