David McNicoll

ID No.111, (19 July 1845 - 17 August 1915)
Father*James McNicoll1,2,3
Mother*Mary Mackie1,2,3
Relationship2nd great-grandfather of Patricia Elizabeth Chalmers
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BirthIlleg*19 Jul 1845 David McNicoll was born in Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland. The Parish Record states "illegitimate."1,2,4,3 
Baptism8 Sep 1845 He was baptised in Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland.1 
Residence*22 Jun 1866 He lived at Middle Manse, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland.2 
Occupation22 Jun 1866 He was a ploughman.2  
Marriage*22 Jun 1866 He married Margaret Urquhart, daughter of John Urquhart and Jane Barrie, in Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland.2,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,4,13,14,15,16,3,17,18,19,20 
Occupation24 Sep 1866 David McNicoll was a ploughman.5  
Residence24 Sep 1866 David McNicoll, Margaret Urquhart and James McNicoll lived at Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland.5 
Birth Reg
6 Oct 1866 He registered the birth of his son, James, in Rattray.5 
Occupation27 Feb 1868 David McNicoll was a farm servant.6  
Residence27 Feb 1868 David McNicoll, Margaret Urquhart and Andrew McNicoll lived at Leitfie, Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland.6 
27 Feb 1868 David McNicoll was present at the birth of Andrew McNicoll in Leitfie, Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland.6,4 
Birth Reg
13 Mar 1868 He registered the birth of his son, Andrew, in Alyth.6 
Occupation24 Feb 1870 David McNicoll was a farm servant.7  
Residence24 Feb 1870 David McNicoll, Margaret Urquhart and Jane Barry McNicoll lived at Leitfie, Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland.7 
Birth Reg
7 Mar 1870 He registered the birth of his daughter, Jane Barry, in Alyth.7 
Occupation21 May 1871 David McNicoll was a farm servant.8  
Residence*21 May 1871 David McNicoll, Margaret Urquhart and Elizabeth Swanson McNicoll lived at Powderwells, Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland.8 
Birth Reg
5 Jun 1871 He registered the birth of his daughter, Elizabeth Swanson, in Alyth.8 
Occupation21 Sep 1873 David McNicoll was a ploughman.9  
Residence21 Sep 1873 David McNicoll, Margaret Urquhart and Catherine Lilias McNicoll lived at Ingliston, Perthshire, Scotland.9 
Birth Reg
7 Oct 1873 He registered the birth of his daughter, Catherine Lilias, in Eassie.9 
Occupation17 Jan 1875 David McNicoll was a farm servant.10  
Residence17 Jan 1875 David McNicoll, Margaret Urquhart and Maggie Ann McNicoll lived at Kirkton of Newtyle, Newtyle, Forfarshire, Scotland.10 
Birth Reg
2 Feb 1875 He registered the birth of his daughter, Maggie Ann, in Newtyle.10 
Occupation8 Apr 1877 David McNicoll was a farm servant.11  
Residence8 Apr 1877 David McNicoll, Margaret Urquhart and David McNicoll lived at Kirkton of Liff, Liff, Forfarshire, Scotland.11 
8 Apr 1877 David McNicoll was present at the birth of David McNicoll in Kirkton of Liff, Liff, Forfarshire, Scotland.11,4,19 
Birth Reg
26 Apr 1877 He registered the birth of his son, David, in Liff.11 
Occupation13 Jul 1880 David McNicoll was a ploughman.12  
Residence13 Jul 1880 David McNicoll, Margaret Urquhart and Mary Keir McNicoll lived at Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland.12 
Birth Reg
2 Aug 1880 He registered the birth of his daughter, Mary Keir, in New Rattray.12 
Census 1881*3 Apr 1881 The 1881 UK Census enumerated David McNicoll as Head of household.4 
Occupation3 Apr 1881 He was a farm servant.4  
Occupation4 Dec 1891 He was a labourer.13  
Occupation9 Dec 1892 He was a factory worker.14  
Occupation* He was a steelyard worker.3,18  
Occupation16 Dec 1904 He was a weigher.15  
Occupation9 Mar 1908 He was a gardener.16  
Illiterate*9 Mar 1908 David McNicoll was possibly illiterate as he "made his mark" on the death certificate of his wife, Margaret (153), on 9 Mar 1908, although no other documents show this.16 
Death Reg
9 Mar 1908 He registered the death of his wife, Margaret McNicoll, in Rattray.16 
9 Mar 1908 David McNicoll became a widower on the death of his wife Margaret.14,16,17 
Death*17 Aug 1915 David McNicoll died at South Gormack, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland, aged 70.3 
Death Reg18 Aug 1915 His death was registered by his daughter, Maggie Ann Edward, in Blairgowrie.3 


Margaret Urquhart (15 Jul 1835 - 9 Mar 1908)
Last Edited11 May 2016


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